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Block B, Building 1, Yaogu R&D Platform, High-tech Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province
The group sincerely collaborates with various sectors of society, focusing on Shandong Province and surrounding provinces and cities, to vigorously develop livestock and poultry breeding, commodity breeding, feed, and food processing industries. Collaborate and jointly build industrial projects around the improvement of the livestock industry chain.
Aim for win-win cooperation. The company is willing to make friends with you with a benevolent and open mind. Regardless of form, all conditions conducive to mutual development and win-win can be negotiated, and all models conducive to mutual development and win-win can be explored. Sincerely form development alliances with users, suppliers, peers, and government departments, and cooperate with enterprises and friends from all walks of life who are interested in industry development. We particularly hope that influential enterprises and managers in the industry can invest and participate in the stock market, jointly realizing the harmonious development of agriculture and animal husbandryand win-win situation in the industry, and creating our beautiful future!